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Carlotta Schiavio at Abrehot Library in Ethiopia

Carlotta Schiavio aka YaTii Talisman was born in Italy and raised in Ethiopia. Her background is a mixture of different cultures (Italian, Russian, Syrian, Austrian and Ethiopian).


She started her creative career in the arts as a jewelry designer and then transitioned to painting in 1998.

Her work has been shown around the world and is now in permanent exhibition at the new National Library “Abrehot” (Abrehot means enlightenment in the Amharic language) inaugurated in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in January 2022.


She has recently become a full-time artist.

Her latest creation is "The Bugibatuki", a being from her planet YaTii where everything is harmonious. The Bugibatukis resolve any issue in a positive manner without asking questions!

In the beginning, she experimented with different techniques and mediums, guided by her feelings and thus, a series of paintings were born.


Cactus On Mars painting


Collection of paintings from 2000 to 2008 imagining a distant planet.


Star Up Close painting

Stars Up Close

Series depicting the imaginary planet YaTii.


Purple Communication Satellite series


Series of communication satellites to connect to other worlds.


Star Nucleus artwork

Star Nucleus

Series of 30x30cm paintings portraying nuclei of stars to guide and illuminate one’s life path.


Handmade velvet and fabric handbag

YaTii Talisman Bag

Handmade velvet and fabric handbags.


Artistic representation of Bugibatuki alien


Beings from planet YaTii landed on Earth to boost peace and wellbeing.



Discovery of planet YaTii.

Kamquat acrylic


Apotropaic Magic

Collection of protective shields from negative energy.

Apotropaic Magic painting



Images representing the Acacia tree which provides solace under the fiery African sun.

Acacia tree painting


Alien Nation

Mythological goddesses landed on Earth in an attempt to save, protect and enlighten mankind.

Artistic representation of alien goddess


Eyes Up Close

Painted images of eyes on small discs of eucalyptus wood.

Painted eye on eucalyptus wood disc


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